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It all started...

While exploring a previously unmapped series of caves along the central California coastline, a group of scientists discovered evidence of an early tribe of musicians. Petroglyphs found in the area suggest this tribe of Muzos produced the earliest form of organized music. Further studies of these rock engravings reveal the cultural practices and musical rituals that define Muzo Man as the first gigging musician. Stay tuned for more of the Muzo Man storyÉ another muzo found

We found another...

We've discovered a Muzo Man drummer!

More on muzo...

Recent findings indicate a simple lifestyle, devoted mainly to acquiring and modifying their musical instruments while waiting for the next gig. There is little evidence of Muzos being involved in any other social activities or community responsibilities. Most seem content to live at home with their parents (or girlfriend) well into adulthood. There does seem to be a pecking order among the Muzos. Herding together as if being shunned by civilian tribesmen, these social outcasts gather as older Muzos regale the more youthful with grand stories about the great gigs of the past. We continue to search for more petroglyphs and hopefully uncover more of the lifestyle and music stylings of the Muzo tribe.

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